It’s All about LifeDreams

An intensive two days’ workshop in alpha café

"A LifeDream is a particular aim that one has for his one’s life, which the person wants to fulfil with his dream in a certain period of time . This fulfilment causes long-term happiness and contentment of the one dreaming."

(U.Heeder, PLM participant 2008)


It’s all about LifeDreams, an intensive two days’ workshop is designed for young people to support each other and find out what they really want from life and how to achieve it. In addition, it is a way to discover their personal nature and improving confidence in one’s self by experiencing that it is possible to fulfill their ambitions and dreams, step by step in practical and manageable way.

Figure 1: Every participnats are holding with thier own designed vision boards in this group picutre , Alpha Cafe, London

About the two days’ Workshop

During the two days’ workshop in May, all current volunteers from Embrace and the team of Alpha Café were both had the chance to take part in the workshop. As ‘LifeDreams’ is the motto of Embrace, all participants were focusing on this experience.

In day one, the personal development training started with a short introduction of the concept. With the help of experiential learning methods such as defined what is the meaning of greatness to them, “In the end, all the definition was revealed to everyone and those definitions we made, were all describe ourselves”, said by one of the volunteer in Embrace. After that, there was another session was all about setting up the vision. For instances, all participants were able to have time to share their own difficulties or weakness, how they can overcome those barriers, obstacles pro-actively in rational ways, describe the best experiences in their life and the most important values to someone they haven’t met before.

Figure 2-5: Everyone are creating their own vision and thinking about what they really want for their Lifedreams by cutting off the papers from magazine and design personal vision boards.
In day two, there was a greeting and self-relieving or we call mediating session in the morning. It allowed participants to have a lovely care time and discourage relief time. In the afternoon, there was another session about vision-board creation. All individual life dreams were being visualized with the help of collage, many different pictures and colorful painting. “Looking at the vision boards every day will remind us on our dreams and that they can be achieved if we only believe in them: Be it, do it, have it!”

Before the workshop, it was an unpleasant feeling or even shameful to say such astonishing things like inspiring, caring, non-judgmental, determined or self-confident about oneself.

After the two days, however, everyone noticed that it is important to believe in oneself and think positively. The team of Embrace and the Alpha Café spent two important, meaningful and inspiring days together became one group and now shares an unforgettable experience, which they are determined to spread to as many people as possible.

Figure 6: Thank You Eskender- Our Great Workshop Leader. Figure 7-8: Martina and Theresa are sharing their own visions and dreams to audiences