New interactive workshops from Embrace

Embrace is proud to announce a series of interactive workshops designed to engage with the burning issues which can create major barriers for individuals to live their perosnal and professional lives to the fullest and achieve their ambitions. These workshops include:

Leadership in Change

These sessions will offer you in-depth processes to assess and foster your ability to lead during challenges. The program focuses on Self-Leadership which fosters our ability to be a truly impactful leader in demanding times with people and organisations. You will explore your strength, potential, values, beliefs, barriers and limitations as well as tailored solutions to progress in your development as a leader. You will learn various management tools which facilitate change such as how to deal pro-actively with confrontational situations and how to devise a joint organisational vision.

Rising4Awareness! Dealing with THE 3 MAIN STRESS FACTORS

These sessions will give practitioners interactive, tested and up-to-date tools to support individuals & communities which have been affected by 3 MAIN STRESS FACTORS which create major obstacles in people’s life to move on, achieve and create wellbeing in their life.

The training program will address:

  • Loss
  • Fear
  • Conflict

By using tools of personal development, experiential & accellerated learning and cultural awareness with a focus on a wide range of communication skills.

Transition into Independence

These sessions will give practical & up-to-date tools to support vulnerable & disadvantaged people to access education/ training/ employment and self-employment by using a holistic approach which combines personal development, experiential and skill-based learning. The training is based on our very successful LifeDreams model and you will be trained by very experienced trainers who have developed this unique approach.

For dates and prices please view the respective flyer for the session you wish to join or contact us, for more information.