Student Empowerment Program With CEN

The whole day the students participated in unfamiliar activities which included reflections/ sharing/ educational games and vision board making as much they were able to with the support of their mentors. All students came to meaningful conclusions with what they need to change with regards to themselves, their school, their home life and their friends. During the workshop the students learned how to overcome issues that they regularly encountered in their day-to-day education, they presented these issues and they included:

  • When you can’t concentrate on what is said because you get disturbed by others or you disturbed others
  • When you would like to succeed but you focus on the ‘wrong’ instructions from the disturbing party
  • When you get confused as you can not listen any more as it is far too noisy around you

By the end of the workshop the students had gained much, by completing their set tasks they had learned much about themselves and each other. They explored the positive qualities they admired in their friends and how they could also reflect those qualities and in return their friends told them of the qualities they saw in them. We showed them how they could use these qualities to make a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others. Despite their challenges they engaged in new ways of working on themselves and enjoyed it. They have an excellent rapport with their mentors and they will check on the students progress based on the decisions they made in the workshop. We believe that with further support in the shape of workshops and/or retreats their personal development will continue to improve as these students have the potential to achieve great things.

This workshop was conducted in partnership with Communities Empowerment Network. For more information please read the Programme Overview or Contact Us.