Update: Rising 4 Awareness Event

The "Rising 4 Awareness" event was very successful, it was an engaging afternoon celebrating the strengths and dignity of people who have faced great hardship and challenges in their lives. Powerful & creative tools of self-transformation were shared and we hope they will contribute to lasting change and personal empowerment for all of those involved. The participants were incredibly motivated and we saw high participation in all the activities that made up the event. We dealt with topics that are generally very heavy and difficult to deal with and showed how they could be dealt with in an empowering and amicable way without losing the essence of the damage abuse does to people when it has not been addressed in a transformative way.

The group consisted of professionals working in education & training, art therapy, performing art, radio, TV, community development & youth. We are very happy that the event went so well, its success has inspired us to continue the series focusing on various themes of great importance to overcome great challenges. The program was delivered by Waltraud Idir and Miriam Ramos.

We will keep you posted about new events and in-depth training programs