Body Image Workshop Completed

A group of five youngsters from United Kingdom join a Youth Pass- Youth Exchange Project (Youth & Body Image) organised by Balikesir University, Turkey. This project took place from 24th May to 31st May, 2015.

During their visit, groups of young people from different countries jointly design, prepare and carry out different pieces of work such as video making, drama, poster design etc. This project usually contains a mix of workshops, debates, role-plays, simulations and outdoor activities. Those youngsters are supported by experiences youth workers and leader in this. Youth Exchanges allow them to develop competences, become more awareness on our society topics, discover new cultures, and strengthen values like solidarity and democracy etc.

Project impact and outcomes:

  • The project helped push each individual to speak up and express their opinion. Helped to build confidence and gain knowledge. By learning about others from different nations one is able to develop a great understanding about their own opinion on Body Image and challenge/ allow others to inform them to create a more structured concept.
  • The project was able to bring this subject to the surface and challenge preconceptions and spread awareness about this very current and important issue.
  • Participants felt that they were pushed out of their comfort zone to socialise with others from different European nations which at first seems difficult due to language barriers however after a short time. The invisible walls of difference came down and each member found it very easy to make friends and have fun.
  • Due to English being the Medium language, the England group found it very easy to socially mix from group to group and have no difficulties mixing with any country.
  • Each member of the English group felt that the programme was very worth while and that they would like ego continue to expand on the project theme to partake in a similar project to help raise awareness about this social issue.

For more information please visit the Project Blog.